We are more than our physical bodies.  We are also comprised of an energy system – chakras, meridians and the auric field.

While “traditional” therapies can help control symptoms and sometimes help the body to begin a healing process, a holistic approach is often needed to reach the root causes of many physical and emotional conditions, and to provide a more complete healing.


For example, by repairing damages to the energy system, vitality can be restored and physical and emotional pain can be eliminated. Different colors contain different healing frequencies, and using color in combination with energy work can be beneficial in diagnosing and treating emotional and physical disorders.  Shamanic work, including totem animal and soul retrievals is a powerful healing tool that can restore aspects of us that may have been disconnected due to trauma and/or stress.


During a healing, my team of guides and I use some or all of the above techniques and other methods as well to restore health and heal life-path issues.  Healings are done remotely.  On the date and time the healing is scheduled, my guides and I do the work, and when the session is over, I call my client to go over what I saw/heard and what was worked on.


Though sometimes we want a specific issue to be healed immediately, Spirit understands what is appropriate to be healed at the time of the session.  Healings can happen in areas and in ways that we do not expect. Each healing is unique. I have witnessed my guides instantaneously heal a lingering physical issue. I have also seen my guides bypass healing a physical issue, and instead work on a deep emotional issue that my client has. By getting to the root cause of an issue, an opening occurs to allow a physical healing to happen.


Spirit, our guides, and our higher self see a more complete picture than our current perspective offers us, and by staying open, we can ensure amazing and sometimes unexpected healing results.

Healing:  $105.00

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