Juliana Rose Teal

In 1998, Juliana began studying and practicing astrology.  She has taken classes from many world renowned astrologers.  Using a combination of modern and ancient astrological techniques, she enjoys helping her clients understand their past, current and future life cycles so that they can make empowered, healthy choices.  Juliana is an intuitive and receives visions and messages during readings for her clients, and occasionally does medium work as well. In addition to her busy private practice, Juliana is an astrologer at Miraval Resort in Tucson AZ.

Juliana received her first shamanic training through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies in 2001.  A few years later, she learned about color healing and began to see and get information about the energy system (chakras, meridians, aura). Juliana is certified in Reiki. She has integrated everything she has learned and does healings using all these techniques.

Juliana has a great passion for flying. She is a licensed airplane instrument rated pilot and a helicopter pilot.  When she is not giving readings or healings, she can be found flying in the skies above Tucson Arizona and beyond.

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Juliana in helicopter








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