Types of Readings

Readings can be done by phone or in person.  Prepayment is required for all readings. Clients are liable for a $50 non-refundable fee for appointments not kept or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Please contact me to schedule and pay for a reading.


Initial Chart Reading  $175
An in depth look at your astrological chart, including your strengths, challenges and potentials and family background. Also includes a transit reading.


Transit Reading  $135
This reading will show past, present, and future trends and will help determine the best timing to plan events.


Additional Questions $40 for 20 minutes
For those who have had an Initial or a Transit reading and have additional questions. This reading is offered only for a year’s time after an Initial or Transit reading.


Solar Return Chart  $125
Describes the energies and potentials for a one year’s time period, from birthday to birthday. The location (longitude and latitude) of where you spend your birthday affects the entire year. Find out where to be on your birthday for the best possible year.


Children’s Charts  $125

To learn more about and gain a greater understanding of your child. To find out how your child learns, how best to nurture your child, to get a better understanding of your child’s emotional needs, and parent/child compatibility.



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