… for Astrology

“Prior to my last reading by Juliana I was anticipating some impressive revelations, since the first one she did for me was quite an eye opener, but I was even more impressed than I could have imagined. Her intuition, coupled with a tremendous amount of preparation, resulted in a reading which proved to be quite insightful and accurate.” R.B. (Tucson, Arizona)
“What was so fantastic about the reading was the fact that it confirmed that my inner voice was right. This not only gives me more confidence in the decisions I make now, but also in the future. With your guidance and positive energy throughout our conversation, I felt like a weight had been lifted.” Althea B. (Riverside, California)
“Twenty two years following the death of my youngest sister and one year after my mother passed, my disquiet over their fates remained. Not until my reading with Juliana, did her medium work bring powerful answers and calming resolution to my anxious state in a most surprising manifestation” Connie N. (Phoenix, Arizona)
“Thank you so much for my reading. It was amazing to me that you so profoundly described the period I was just finishing. I value the information you gave me on my career path at the present time. The information you shared with me was priceless. You just helped clarify and make issues so clear, which makes choices easier and so much more beneficial to my daily life. I am so grateful to have met you.” A.C. (Dallas, Texas)
“Juliana has done readings for both my children when they were 6 months old. Her readings are genuinely insightful and accurate. I think everyone should invest a bit in themselves and have a reading done.” Melina P. (Tucson, Arizona)
“Juliana did a reading for my child. After hearing the powerful things she had to say about my son’s temperament, character and potential challenges, I knew my yet to be born daughter would have a reading as well.” Patrick M. (Providence, Rhode Island)
“Thank you, Juliana. The reading was a wonderful experience. Your information was so affirming and very special to me.” R.V. (Scottsdale,Arizona)
“Thank you so much for my session today. You know it will be life changing for me!”  Phil D. (Mesa,Arizona)
“Just finished a wonderful solar return reading — thank you, Juliana for all you do.”  Karen B. (Scottsdale,Arizona)

… for Healing

“Thank you so much for the healing last May (2014). I had excruciating pain where the pelvic bones meet in the front, and pain in my hips from being pregnant and from my hips separating. For whatever reason, this separating never stopped post-partum, and made doing nearly everything very painful. Since the healing, the pain has disappeared and has NEVER returned. Also, this is interesting: The day of the healing I had been up straight through the night doing school work, and then had school all day. When I got to school I was WIDE AWAKE! Later in the evening I slept heavily, and woke up refreshed. I had also broken my toe before the healing, and it healed unusually quickly after the healing.” MJ D. (Tucson, Arizona)
“My healing experience with Juliana was profoundly amazing. Her insight into past injuries and current wounds brought about a spiritually integrative process of healing. A month after the experience I continue to experience ongoing physical healing and spiritual understandings. I am so grateful!” Don C. (Burlington, Vermont)
“After a session with Juliana, I had a major change in my life which I attribute to her work. While I was suffering from hip pain, its elimination was only part of what happened. After being in a job for more than a decade, I felt stuck and uninspired. After my session with Juliana, I felt more motivated and confident. I began taking action. Within a couple weeks, I had a job interview and later got the job. I believe that blocks to my progress were removed by Juliana and her guides. I am very grateful for her work and the impact it has had on my life.” Irene M. (Tucson, Arizona)
“Just wanted to drop you a little note. I feel like a transformation is taking place…. I usually have trouble sleeping because of pain from my knee and my back, but I didn’t experience it that night after the healing. I woke up feeling great! I got to work a little after 6am. It was after I was there awhile, that I realized that I was hardly limping!! I sit a lot, and often after I’ve been sitting, it’s a painful struggle to stand and walk, and that was hardly a problem. I was in an amazing mood all of last night, even when my dog tore open her pillow and my floor was covered in white cotton batting, lol. I cleaned it up and was singing. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted and I feel like it is just the beginning of good and wonderful things coming my way. I will be the first to admit that I was a skeptic when I was approached about this. But when you told me about things in my house that you had no way of seeing, I had no choice but to pay attention. Today, I feel like anything is possible! Thank you for this most awesome experience. You are amazing!!!!” Jan B. (Springfield, Ohio)
“Just got in at 4pm – and still have energy!!!! First thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was free of depression!!!!!! Only had minor back pain which went away. Arm is PEACEFUL!! Bueno, bueno, bueno! Energy and mental clarity has remained steady through the day. I have received many Blessings – many from your work with me. I am grateful.” Ginger C. (Dallas,Texas)
“Juliana gives a wonderful and thorough healing. She gets an incredible amount of information with great detail and is truly connected to spirit” Clare G. (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)